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Newborn Sessions

♥ The best time to book your newborn session is within the first 14 days of life.


Newborn sessions are offered in the comfort of your home to capture daily new baby routines. T These sessions are offered for 2 hours to give plenty of time for any necessary baby care, to include feeding, changing, soothing, or any other needs. 

Family is welcome and encouraged to participate as well. Photographer will be able to provide some props for this session, but you are encouraged to have things available to personalize your session as well.

Plan for success during your upcoming Newborn Session

  • Plan to feed your baby within a few minutes of your session. Full bellies lead to successful sessions.

  • Try to keep them awake a couple hours prior to your session start time.

  • It is important that you’re able to stay calm and relaxed during your session. Babies pick up on the energies in the room, and this can make or break a session.

  • Make sure to keep the home or room warm.

  • Open up blinds to allow for plenty of natural light.

  • Please arrange child care for other children in the home for parts of this session. A calm environment is going to be absolutely necessary.

  • Think about making your bed – we may want to use your bed and your baby’s room, in addition to any other locations where you and your baby spend the majority of your time.


*Travel is included for all session locations within Coffee County. Locations outside Coffee County will be discussed on an individual basis and will include a minimum $0.55 per mile travel fee. 

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